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Grant Application

The RISA S ROSENGARD FOUNDATION, INC. is an independent, non-profit 501(c) (3), volunteer organization committed to providing grants to public charities for established or developing programs that assist families coping with cancer. Such programs could include but are not limited to: grief counseling and support group sessions, art and music therapy, therapy through group sports and physical activities, child care assistance, and career counseling for a surviving spouse. The vision for the Risa S. Rosengard Foundation is to provide assistance to families coping with cancer, either during or after treatment or bereavement.

If you currently provide, or plan to provide, these services, you are invited to submit a grant to The Risa S. Rosengard Foundation, Inc. Requests are reviewed semi-annually by the Board of Directors. Only one request per year will be considered from an organization. Grant requests should be limited to $5000 or less.

To start the grant process, please fill out the application cover sheet and provide the following information in six pages or less. The application cover sheet and additional information can be emailed to or mailed to:

Risa S. Rosengard Foundation
Grant Application
c/o 25 West Union Street
Ashland, Massachusetts 01721

  1. A copy of the organization’s most recent tax-exempt determination letter from the IRS
  2. Brief history of the organization including date of establishment
  3. Brief Mission Statement of the organization
  4. Unique aspects of your program and its relationship to other similar programs
  5. Purpose and amount of the grant requested and project budget
  6. Anticipated results of the project
  7. Other funding sources currently available for the project
  8. List of officers, directors, number of paid staff and volunteers of the organization
  9. Number of cancer patients and family members served each year